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Semyon Kirlian spent most part of his life with his wife Valentina in a poor two-room apartment at the corner of Gorky and Kirov streets in Krasnodar. The wooden two-story house where they had started their family life was swept away by progress - a building program turned the small provincial town on the banks of the Kuban river into an industrial center. Now Gorky street is covered with brick five-storey brick structures, one of which has a memorial plaque in commemoration of the married couple Kirlians. He was an electrician, she - a school teacher. He had the practical mind of an inborn inventor, which brought him the honorary title "Honored Inventor of the USSR" and world fame afterwards...

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George Lichtenberg

Lichtenberg, being a real academic scientist, investigated the behavior of this fluorescence in detail, although he substituted a grounded wire for a finger. The effect was the same, which later suggested an idea that some special energy exists in the body, and first electrical then torsion properties were attributed to it.Articles by Lichtenberg, masterfully done in German, are still cited in books on gas discharge. Further research demonstrated that electrical fluorescence was rather common in nature…




1999 till our times


International Scientific Congress "Science. Information. Consciousness. " St. Petersburg. July. www.sis-congress.com

Basic principles

To date, hundreds of practical modifications of the presented scheme of the GDV method have been developed in the world, depending on the geometric shape, parameters and physical properties of the studied objects of animate and inanimate nature. With all the variety of specific technical solutions, the essence of the visualization process in all these modifications is the same and can be reduced to the following theoretical scheme

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